Where to start with today’s Wellness Check guest? Brad and Dante Deiana first met in approximately 2010 playing pickup basketball at the Berto Center (former practice facility of the Bulls and featured prominently in “The Last Dance”). Listen here!

Dante is a very well-known DJ, and started as the Cubs in-game DJ at Wrigley in 2015. He and Brad talk about walk-up music for players and the walk-up songs they’d have for themselves. Dante is also partners in a handful of bars and restaurants throughout the Midwest. They’ve been going through the long process of opening one in Chicago in West Town called Shake-It.

Dante has also been active with the Rizzo Family Foundation, most recently delivering food to a number of hospitals and other front-line workers in the area.

And he’s engaged to ABC-7’s Cheryl Scott, so he and Brad bond over what it’s like to have a life partner who works in the media and how tough it can be to read the comments/figure out where you’re going to bury the bodies of a-holes hiding behind a keyboard when they write awful things to and about the one you love. 

Brad and Dante also talk about his time on the Gronk Boat, what he thinks about “music nowadays,” the band he’s really hoping reunites someday soon, and the time he feared for his life at a Rage Against the Machine show.

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