Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Cubs plan ticker-tape parade to celebrate Marquee-Comcast deal

Elated that they struck an 11th-hour deal to broadcast their new TV network on the region's largest cable provider, the Cubs this morning announced a ticker-tape parade will be held in Chicago Saturday.

Cubs reach Marquee deal with Comcast, but there’s a catch

The moment Cubs fans have been waiting for is reportedly here: The team is set to announce a deal with Comcast to carry its new Marquee Sports Network just in time for Opening Day. There is a catch however.

‘Extremely bored’ Len Kasper joins GWAR

Cubs TV broadcaster Len Kasper revealed via Instagram Wednesday that he has reached an agreement to tour and record with thrash comedy rock band GWAR. Kasper, who plays bass, made a pitch to the band via social media and instantly hit it off.

Marquee Network to broadcast 2016 Cubs World Series Game 7 indefinitely

Having broadcast the 2016 World Series games each evening for the past three weeks, the Chicago Cubs Marquee Sports Network will continue to show, indefinitely, the seventh game between the Cubs and Indians.

Cubs fan without Marquee Network unaware MLB season is postponed

Major League Baseball has been shut down more than two weeks and the regular season's start is completely up in the air, but that fact is lost on Renee Floyd of Ravenswood.

Marquee Network releases underwhelming programming lineup to replace actual games

In lieu of MLB suspending play until further notice, management at the new Cubs Marquee Network have come up with a juicy alternative to replace Cubs games.

Marquee Network signs ‘enormous’ deal with gas pump TV programmer

"We are beyond excited to announce this move," said an excited Crane Kenney, the Cubs president of business operations. "This now brings us up to 5,000 households, 2,500 gas pumps, 1,500 Chuck E. Cheese urinals, and 15 high school TV stations."