Monday, July 15, 2024

WGN Radio to replace Cubs broadcasts with even more boring programming

Pleased to rid themselves of financial albatross Chicago Cubs at the end of this year, WGN-AM is poised to replace team broadcasts with even more boring programming after the station was outbid last week by CBS-owned WBBM for Cubs broadcast rights.

Cubs fans upset about having to go all the way from 720 to 780...

The Cubs announced Tuesday that they'd be leaving their long-time radio home 720 WGN-AM for a competitor, CBS-owned 780 WBBM-AM. Naturally, many fans of the team were outraged at a change they see as a break in tradition and major inconvenience.

Cubs move to Fox Sports 1 after 2014 season so no one will see...

The Cubs' long-standing association with WGN TV will most likely end after the 2014 season when the team's telecasts move to Fox Sports 1 for 1 very good reason: So no one will watch them lose their inevitable 98 games.

Chicago media can’t remember what they asked Hawks players about before streak

“Do you, um … like hockey?” one reporter asked a confused Patrick Kane. Several minutes of awkward silence followed, until somebody finally asked Kane if he remembered the streak.

Cubs announce plans to move from WGN to some random TV station no one...

“Unfortunately WGN no longer is a superstation and can’t pay us top dollar to broadcast Cubs games,” said Cubs President of Baseball Operations Crane Kenney. “So we’re going to look into partnering with a bunch of stations scattered all over the TV dial, or maybe we’ll create the Cubs Cable Network, make it available in only a few hundred thousand homes and bury it in between Animal Planet 2 and C-SPAN Romania.”

With Brenly gone, Cubs to phase out bunting, fundamentals

“We tried doing things the ‘right way’ for a while when Bob was here,” said Cubs owner Tom Ricketts. “But that era is over, and it didn’t win us much. So we’re going back to the old school: booze, pills and spitballs.”

Cubs players allowed cell phones on field to refute internet trade rumors

In the wake of Monday’s events – during which Ryan Dempster himself cut down wild trade speculation shortly before the Cubs played in Pittsburgh – the Cubs’ front office has deemed it necessary for players to have their cell phones on them at all times. If only to prove where they are.