The Blackhawks’ recent winning streak was the story that wrote itself. And while that built-in headline held Chicago’s attention, the media put their feet up and rolled-out the same interview game after game. Now that the streak is over, many of them don’t remember what other kinds of questions they used to ask the players.

“Do you, um … like hockey?” one reporter asked a confused Patrick Kane. Several minutes of awkward silence followed, until somebody finally asked Kane if he remembered the streak.

After the run-ending game against the Colorado Avalanche on Friday, Hawks players were asked mostly about their favorite colors and shoe sizes by reporters trying to find a way back on track.

“The one interview I watched sounded like a first date,” said fan James Sexton. “In fact, this one reporter even asked about first base. Although I’m pretty sure that guy was from Phoenix and had no idea what sport he was covering.”

According to reports, the Blackhawks do not know when the next streak will be, and yes, they enjoy playing hockey.

Bandwagon Dan