Stan “Stosh” Kovaleski of northwest suburban Bensenville has started a “Qancel Qoach Q” website after the Blackhawks 6-2 loss to Colorado Saturday night.

“I can’t believe Q would let this happen,” said Kovaleski. “What am I supposed to tell my 9-year-old girl? She was thinking the season would go on without a loss forever.”

Kovaleski, an auto repairman, has also started campaigns concerning coaches from other Chicago sports teams. In 1985, after the Bears loss to the Dolphins, he started a “Dump Ditka” organization, and, after Derrick Rose tore his ACL in a playoff game last year he began a blog called “Surgically remove the Bulls team doctor.”

He says his most successful effort has been the “Cancel Cutler” site he started the day the Bears traded for the quarterback.

John F