Sunday, June 16, 2024

Wellness Check: NBC Sports Chicago Exec. Producer & Founder of Live Like Roo Sarah...

Today's Wellness Check is with Sarah Lauch, an executive producer at NBC Sports Chicago and the founder of Live Like Roo, a non-profit organization that supports families of pets diagnosed with cancer. Listen here!

Horrified CSN viewers beg ESPN Radio to hire back Harry Teinowitz

Comcast Sports Nets phone lines were flooded Thursday evening after former ESPN Chicago radio personality Harry Teinowitz appeared on SportsTalk Live. Viewers reported instances of fainting, shock and general feelings of horror upon seeing Teinowitz for the first time.

Susannah Collins admits to placing curse on Blackhawks

“She said that eight-legged creatures would rain from the sky,” said UC employee Sam McAllister. “Sounded like gibberish to me. Then she yelled something about the Hawks never winning as long as the zebras ruled the land. I laughed. It makes me cry a little to think that I laughed.”

Chuck Garfien fired by CSN Chicago after bad karaoke performance surfaces

"You can hear Chuck say 'it doesn't make a difference if we're naked or not,' when clearly everyone knows it's 'make it or not.' I mean the lyrics are right there in front of you. That's unacceptable."

Chicago media can’t remember what they asked Hawks players about before streak

“Do you, um … like hockey?” one reporter asked a confused Patrick Kane. Several minutes of awkward silence followed, until somebody finally asked Kane if he remembered the streak.

Xfinity adds subtitles to Urlacher commercials for those who speak English

It was long thought that Urlacher was speaking some sort of lost Sumerian language, much like the dialect Shannon Sharpe speaks on Sunday.

With Brenly gone, Cubs to phase out bunting, fundamentals

“We tried doing things the ‘right way’ for a while when Bob was here,” said Cubs owner Tom Ricketts. “But that era is over, and it didn’t win us much. So we’re going back to the old school: booze, pills and spitballs.”