Sunday, November 27, 2022

Hawk all set to rationalize Dunn’s strikeouts as ‘fundamentally sound’

Spring Training is months away, yet Hawk Harrelson is in midseason form, already rationalizing Adam Dunn’s career strikeout total. The newly acquired DH has over 1,600 whiffs and averages about 180 a season.

Stoney and Hawk defeat Brenly and Kasper in pairs figure skating

Last week, announcers from coast to coast participated in the inaugural Altoids Announcer Figure Skating Championships. Representing Chicago were Steve Stone paired with Ken 'Hawk' Harrelson and Len Kasper paired with Bob Brenly.

Sarah Kustok surprised to find herself new GOP frontrunner

Comcast SportsNet reporter Sarah Kustok was still surprised and confused when an aide called one morning to report what the polls were showing -- that she was the new frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination.

Comcast SportsNet wins Emmy for gripping ‘Shoot the Puck’ coverage

From the hard-hitting interviews to the thrilling multi-angle shots of pucks skidding across the ice at roughly three miles per hour, Comcast SportsNet Chicago's coverage of the "Shoot The Puck" segment during Blackhawks intermission has earned the station much deserved industry recognition.

Cubs fan spots image of Len Kasper in her vanilla ice cream cone

Trudi Johnson couldn't believe it, but there it was: a vision from a higher being.

Report: 67% of Cubs runs are replays

“I saw Starlin Castro knock in a pair with a hit to center field in the eighth inning,” said Chuck Mortillo of Evanston. “I jumped for joy. Turns out it was a replay of Castro’s fourth inning hit. I guess it’s on me for not paying close enough attention.”

The Len & Bob Band breakup causing tension on-air

“I made some joke that the best Bob could ever hope for is to be rhythm guitarist in a Doobie Brothers cover band,” said Kasper. “And now he says we’re on hiatus and is spending entire games in the booth writing his 'The Wall.'”