Hawks fans that are also Cub fans will be all too familiar with this story. Former Blackhawks reporter Susannah Collins has now admitted that, as she was being escorted from the United Center after being let go by Comcast, she placed a curse on the then-surging Chicago Blackhawks.

Collins would not reveal the terms of the hex, but one of the security guards finally did.

“She said that eight-legged creatures would rain from the sky,” said UC employee Sam McAllister. “Sounded like gibberish to me. Then she yelled something about the Hawks never winning as long as the zebras ruled the land. I laughed. It makes me cry a little to think that I laughed.”

The Blackhawks skated into the postseason with an astounding 36-7-5 record, won their first series against the Wild, and are playing at a mere .500 clip (4-4) since May 3, the day news dropped that Collins had been let go.

Collins has made one brief statement since the ordeal: “I just want to wish them a tremendous amount of “success” in the future. See? I’ll get that right the next million times. Morons.”

Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz could not be reached for comment, because nobody has seen the owner of the Blackhawks in weeks. If you see Rocky Wirtz, please notify his family.

Bandwagon Dan