Shortly after Brian Urlacher announced his retirement from the NFL, Chicago Bears fans offered him the sincerest of congratulations and the warmest wishes in the years to come, forgetting the fact they had been calling him an asshole for the last several weeks.

“The thought of him signing with the Minnesota Vikings or Green Bay Packers caused us to almost lose our lunch!” claimed one Bears fan, shocked that Urlacher turned down the $2 million deal that would appear generous by comparison after what the linebacker was offered in the free agent market. “What a greedy bum. Congratulations on his retirement, though.”

Urlacher will long be remembered as one of the greatest Bears linebackers, and will no doubt hold a special place in the hearts of many fans, in spite of his tirades before entering the free agent market. The fact that he played his entire career with the Bears as one of their hardest working athletes is what will long be remembered.