While television viewers all over Chicago were wondering why that woman in the Wrigley Field bleachers dumped beer over her husband’s head last weekend, the marketing team at Anheuser-Busch InBev was breathing a collective sigh of relief.

“Finally!” admitted a Bud Light spokesperson. “Do you know how many couples we had planted in those bleachers dumping beer on each other? It’s about time those WGN-TV cameras finally caught it live. What on earth have they been filming instead?”

Added the spokesperson, “We’ve wasted a lot of high quality beer waiting for this moment. It’s probably the only reason why Bud Light sales have spiked in Chicago recently.”

When asked why A-B planted the beer throwers in the bleachers, the spokesperson responded, “Are you kidding me? We paid good money to name the Bud Light Bleachers, and all they show on TV is how empty the bleachers are because no one goes to the games anymore. They don’t even show the Bud Light Bleachers sign – just that stupid Miller Lite billboard over those stupid rooftops.”

“And with all the scuttlebutt about the Wrigley renovation and the nonstop TV footage of those darn artist renderings of proposed new signage, Bud Light is really getting the short end of the stick. So we decided to get guerilla and take matters into our own hands.”

When informed that the video had gone viral on YouTube, SportsCenter, Good Morning America, WGN, and other outlets, the spokesperson shook his head.

“Yeah, that was unfortunate,” he said. “Sunday was the one day our wardrobe stylist was unavailable. She was at Chicago Craft Beer Week, so our beer throwers were wearing their whatever clothes, instead of their official Bud Light attire.”