First-year Chicago White Sox President Ken Williams told reporters during his annual spring training press conference in Glendale, Arizona that he is already tired of the job to which he was appointed last October.

“There just isn’t a helluva lot to do,” Williams said. “My day starts around 10 in the morning when I check the office pool’s Power Ball lottery tickets. After a two-hour lunch, I wake Jerry [Reinsdorf] from his nap about three-o’clock, and then it’s time to head home.”

Williams told the gathering, “Jeez. I’m just 48 years old, for crying out loud. I’ve still got a lot of years ahead of me to make stupid trades and dumb signings, like Adam Dunn.”

The press conference was cut short when trainer Herm Schneider reminded Williams that he was supposed to help take inventory of the team’s medical supplies.