Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Len & Bob Band breakup causing tension on-air

“I made some joke that the best Bob could ever hope for is to be rhythm guitarist in a Doobie Brothers cover band,” said Kasper. “And now he says we’re on hiatus and is spending entire games in the booth writing his 'The Wall.'”

Heckler Pie Chart: Why are you still watching the Cubs?

The season's in the tank and it's only May. So why are you still watching the Cubs on TV?

Report: 67% of Cubs runs are replays

“I saw Starlin Castro knock in a pair with a hit to center field in the eighth inning,” said Chuck Mortillo of Evanston. “I jumped for joy. Turns out it was a replay of Castro’s fourth inning hit. I guess it’s on me for not paying close enough attention.”

Unlucky DirecTV subscribers to get Cubs games again as WGN standoff ends

Late Wednesday night, DirecTV announced their squabble with the Tribune Company had ended, subjecting millions of subscribers to the horror of WGN broadcasts of Cubs games this season. Backlash ensued as angry parents and concerned sports fans threatened to end their DirecTV subscriptions immediately.

Cubs fan spots image of Len Kasper in her vanilla ice cream cone

Trudi Johnson couldn't believe it, but there it was: a vision from a higher being.

K.C. Johnson pummeled by hockey beat writers after accidentally dropping gloves in press box

Territorial ire came to a head on Tuesday when Tribune basketball writer K.C. Johnson accidentally dropped his gloves in the chilly press box at the United Center and Chris Kuc seized the opportunity to pull Johnson’s sweater over his head and begin throwing right hooks.

WGN camera catches unsuspecting fan actually paying attention to game

During today's game between the Cubs and Braves at the Friendly Confines, the broadcast team captured something even more interesting than seagulls defecating on fans in the bleachers. Going into the seventh inning, cameras caught a fan actually following the action on the field.