Trudi Johnson couldn’t believe it, but there it was: a vision from a higher being.

“I was about to take a bite of my Ben & Jerry’s ‘Uber Duper Plain White Bread Vanilla’-cone and I noticed it was gently melting to represent the face of my hero Len Kasper,” said Johnson, a 33-year-old Cubs fan from Lakeview. “I didn’t know if I should try to freeze it or make out with it.”

Johnson decided to freeze the Kasper likeness and called local media hoping to gain some publicity for it. Unfortunately for her, no one would bite.

“Ever since the Expressway Virgin Mary, we get calls like this all the time,” said NBC-5 news director Michael Lansland. “Cheetos that look like Mayor Emanuel, peanuts that look like Ronnie Woo-Woo, boils that look like Billy Dec, and now this ice cream cone that looks like Len Kasper. No thanks. Take that crap to CLTV, if they’re even still on the air.”