The Cubs announced Tuesday that they’d be leaving their long-time radio home 720 WGN-AM for a competitor, CBS-owned 780 WBBM-AM. Naturally, many fans of the team were outraged at a change they see as a break in tradition and major inconvenience.

“Ever since I was a little kid, my grandpappy used to put me on his knee and we sat next to his old Zenith radio that was the size of a small car to listen to the Cubbies play ball,” said 59-year-old Barbara Washburn of Northbrook. “To think that rich WGN tradition is all being flushed down the drain really makes me sad.”

Washburn said it would also take her a while to adjust to finding the Cubs on a new station that is six spots up the dial from WGN.

“What a pain! I’m going to have to reprogram all the preset stations in my car too,” said Washburn. “Will the greedy Ricketts family compensate me for this time and hassle? Doubtful!”

While long-time fans such as Washburn reacted poorly to the news, teenagers — a Cubs’ key demographic for future growth — were not widely impacted, however.

“What’s AM radio? I’ve never heard of the Chicago Cubs either. Are they like the Bears’ farm team or something?” asked 14-year-old Tanner Henry of Wheaton. “Where’s my Xbox?”