NBC has added three-time figure skating champion and fashion enthusiast Johnny Weir to the booth of Kenny Albert and Eddie Olczyk for the Stanley Cup Final. Doc Emrick will miss game one, but will join Olczyk and Weir for the remainder of the series. Weir has been on a meteoric rise since he was part of NBC’s coverage of the Sochi Olympics and Kentucky Derby.

“Super excited!” said an exuberant Weir. “This is LA vs New York, East vs. West, Broadway vs Hollywood. The only disappointment is the Blackhawks aren’t involved. To me they have the best outfits. Of course Henrik Lundqvist is here. There’s a man that’s put together. It’s a shame he has to wear that mask for three hours.”

“No, I don’t know a lot about the sport, but it’s just figure skating with a stick. I’ve been working on my catch phrase, slapshot. That’s a fun word to say. Slapshot, love it.”

“Yeah, Kenny and Eddie, nice guys but let’s be honest they both need a new wardrobe. We’ve already agreed to go shopping. I’m thinking Barney’s first.”

When reached for comment, Olczyk was confused.

“Why? Who is this guy? What does he know about the NHL?” he asked. “I met him a few minutes ago and he seems like a good guy, but now he thinks we’re going shopping together. I want some answers…immediately.”