Sunday, May 19, 2024

Rest of NHL agrees to participate in yet another Blackhawks or Kings Cup run

“The owners could have made at least one unreasonable demand,” Bettman was overheard lamenting to a confidant. “Otherwise what am I doing here? All I’ve got is this cheap suit and my idea to dot the greater southwestern desert with unprofitable teams.”

Blackhawks to crash Kings’ parade

Against the wishes of their captain, several Blackhawks players have flown to Los Angeles to crash the parade of the newly crowned Stanley Cup Champions Kings.

Johnny Weir added to NBC announcers for Stanley Cup Final

"Super excited!" said an exuberant Weir. "This is LA vs New York, East vs. West, Broadway vs Hollywood. The only disappointment is the Blackhawks aren't involved. To me they have the best outfits. Of course Henrik Lundqvist is here. There's a man that's put together. It's a shame he has to wear that mask for three hours."

Kings fan excited they’ll be getting Kobe back for Game 1 against Rangers

"Man, getting Kobe on the ice will be huge," said Strong. "Plus he'll be skating with Gretzky, which will be insane."

Heckler Op-ed: Diehard LA Kings fans plan to watch at least three innings of...

An op-ed piece from Seth Jaffe, a Heckler writer born and raised in Southern California: If you grew up Los Angeles like I did, then there is only one thing on your mind this weekend, and that’s hockey, unless of course you have Coachella tickets or know somebody who can get you into SkyBar.

Justin Bieber placed on suicide watch after Heat, Kings lose

Nobody took the near-simultaneous losses harder than Heat/Kings diehard fan Justin Bieber.

Shocking drop in television ratings for Hawks fourth playoff game against Kings

With more than 300,000 viewers watching game three, ratings plummeted more than 33 percent to fewer than 200,000 during the Hawks dramatic 3-2 win in the fourth game.