The NBA Finals and Game 4 of the NHL Western Conference finals started and ended at nearly the exact same times Thursday night. When it was all said and done, the Miami Heat suffered a 92-88 defeat to the San Antonio Spurs, and about a minute later, the Los Angeles Kings lost their first home game of the playoffs 3-2 to the Chicago Blackhawks. Nobody took the near-simultaneous losses harder than Heat/Kings diehard fan Justin Bieber.

The 19 year-old pop singer has been seen recently in the front row of both Miami Heat and Los Angeles Kings games sporting team apparel, amongst other awkward clothing. The fact that the games were being played simultaneously on opposite sides of the country was already difficult on The Biebs, considering he couldn’t be both places at once. He settled for watching multiple TVs in his sprawling mansion in The Oaks neighborhood of suburban Los Angeles. Since coincidentally becoming a Superfan immediately after the Heat and Kings won championships last year, Bieber can’t seem to get enough of either and takes the games very seriously. When the dust settled on both heartbreaking losses Thursday night, Bieber reportedly became suicidal.

“He is constantly talking about how great the Heat and Kings are, even though he barely knows anything about either team,” his manager Scooter Braun shared. “I was watching the games with him and trying to explain what is actually going on. All he understood was that the teams that are so cool for him to root for both lost, and he took that as a sign that he too was a mega-loser. He started crying like a little girl and exclaiming life wasn’t worth living,” Braun continued with a serious tone.

Bieber then started jumping up and down, throwing a temper tantrum according to eyewitnesses. He told everyone at his party to leave immediately, except for Braun, who is also his babysitter. Braun sent him straight to bed with no dessert or bottles of pills to off himself with. “I think he’ll be less cranky in the morning,” Braun assured. “I’ll just remind him that the title defense of his beloved Baltimore Ravens starts in just a few short months!”

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