With no horse vying for the Triple Crown to spark interest in the Belmont Stakes, officials at Belmont Park have extended an invitation to Arizona Diamondbacks minor leaguer Tony Campana.

“If I was playing in Arizona I probably would have declined the offer, but since I’m down in Reno the opportunity was too good to refuse,” the speedy outfielder informed. “Winning the Belmont Stakes would be more money than I make in a year. How could I not compete?”
After learning he drew the rail position, Campana went on to say, “Starting there really boosts my chances of winning. I’ll break out right away and grab the early lead and hopefully keep the contenders behind me. I’d probably face some difficulties among the horses if I were starting in one of the center lanes.”

With odds at 300-1, the track and betters believe Campana will also have difficulty at the rail position. A Belmont Park handicapper describes Campana’s chances of success as zero.

“He’s a human going against race horses on a mile and a half long track. He’s got no chance, especially after I’ve heard he has to wear a horse costume and have a jockey ride him. The odds of Campana finishing in the money are about the same as the Cubs winning the World Series this year. It’s just not going to happen.”

A. Waite