Saturday, January 22, 2022

Heckler Video: John Scott destroys Westgarth Thunderstruck mashup

All right you blood-thirsty Blackhawks lovers. Enjoy this mashup of John Scott beating the living crap out of Kevin Westgarth Saturday night.

Los Angeles hipster claims he was into the Kings last year

"It's pretty easy for everyone to jump on the bandwagon now," said Gatlin, while pounding a PBR at the Cha Cha Lounge in Silver Lake. "People forget how into the team I was last year, but that's cool. I'm used to this sort of thing."

Kings surpass Sparks as seventh most popular Los Angeles team after Stanley Cup win

The L.A. Kings Stanley Cup run has them more popular than ever, jumping past the WNBA's Sparks and a fictional football team from "Any Given Sunday" as the city's seventh most popular team.

Bulls, Kings to wear NHL costumes, play hockey game tonight

The Bulls will dress up as the Blackhawks and the Kings will dress up as the Los Angeles Kings, winners of the Stanley Cup. The two basketball teams will then go about and play a hockey game.

Shocking drop in television ratings for Hawks fourth playoff game against Kings

With more than 300,000 viewers watching game three, ratings plummeted more than 33 percent to fewer than 200,000 during the Hawks dramatic 3-2 win in the fourth game.

Justin Bieber placed on suicide watch after Heat, Kings lose

Nobody took the near-simultaneous losses harder than Heat/Kings diehard fan Justin Bieber.

Heckler Op-ed: Diehard LA Kings fans plan to watch at least three innings of...

An op-ed piece from Seth Jaffe, a Heckler writer born and raised in Southern California: If you grew up Los Angeles like I did, then there is only one thing on your mind this weekend, and that’s hockey, unless of course you have Coachella tickets or know somebody who can get you into SkyBar.