Having broadcast the 2016 World Series games each evening for the past three weeks, the Chicago Cubs Marquee Sports Network will continue to show, indefinitely, the seventh game between the Cubs and Indians.

The broadcasts will end if, and when, the 2020 baseball season begins.

“Our research shows, strangely enough, that many Chicagoans did not see the seventh game when the Cubs won the World Series on the night it was played,” Michael McCarthy, the network’s GM told Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune.

Asked how this is possible, McCarthy said, according to network research, 30 percent of those surveyed were sleeping when the game ended, around midnight, and 50 percent were passed out drunk and missed the final out.

“Like climate change deniers and those who think the moon landing is a hoax, the remaining 20 percent simply refuse to believe that the Cubs won the World Series,” McCarthy said.

On another note, NBC Sports Chicago will run a continuous loop of the White Sox vs Royals game from Sept. 19, 2002 featuring the Ligues’ attack on KC coach Tom Gamboa.

This will be followed by Hawk Harrelson’s “You gotta be bleepin’ me” rant against umpire Mark Wegner from a May 2012 game at Tampa