The mere sight of Carmen Electra in last Sunday’s episode of “The Last Dance” jogged a memory deep in Jerry Shelton’s mind.

“Holy shit … it’s Carmen Electra,” said 44-year-old Shelton of Lincoln, Neb. “I definitely had a poster of her up in my dorm room.”

Shelton then paused his DVR of the documentary and did a Google search for Electra. After scrolling through countless naked photos, he went even deeper into the Playboy wormhole.

“Oh man,” said Shelton. “Jenny McCarthy … Pam Anderson … Donna D’Errico … what a trip down memory lane.”

Added Shelton: “I’ll never forget walking around campus expecting all the women to look and act like these Playboy models. And then I’d be jealous they were married to rock stars. Like I had a chance or something.”

Shelton then brushed a tear from his eye, cranked up Soundgarden and nodded off to sleep.