After Scottie Pippen’s now famous “I’m not gonna fuck my summer up”-quote, the world is realizing that while everyone wants to be like Mike, some people want to be like Scottie too.

“I told my parents from the get go,” 7-year-old Miles Jackson said. “Coronavirus is not gonna fuck my summer up. I’m going to the park with my friends. I’m gonna swing on the fucking swings, and I’m gonna slide down the fucking slide. And when the ice cream man comes I’m gonna eat some fucking ice cream.”

“Yes in hindsight we would have shown him the censored version,” Miles’ dad, Sam said referring to the ESPN documentary. “But to be honest, I’m right there with him. I don’t want anything to fuck my summer up either.”

“It’s safe to say nothing will be fucking up our summers here in the Jackson household,” said Miles’ mom, Sophie. “And that’s the way we like it.”