Jerry Krause’s family is upset. 

“I understand that my husband didn’t have a great relationship with some of the people he worked with,” Krause’s wife, Thelma said. “But people can’t and shouldn’t forget that the Houston Astros cheated! I mean my god. This Bulls stuff was a million years ago already. The Astros cheating just got out of the oven and is still on the cooling rack. Trash cans, buzzers, Jose Altuve is short, let’s drum it all back up.”

When asked how lucky he felt that the cheating scandal has been put on the backburner as of late, Jose Altuve responded by saying, “I think people shouldn’t forget about how Michael Jordan didn’t like Jerry Krause, and also, what is a backburner?”

Thelma Krause has pleaded with ESPN to remind fans during every “Last Dance” commercial break that the Astros cheated.