Monday, August 8, 2022

Wellness Check Podcast: Len Kasper

It should have been Opening Day today so we wanted to make sure fans get to hear Len’s voice anyway. Listen here!

NHL to play during halftime of NBA games

“Most owners like the deal because stadiums will already be full. Players like it because they get paid to do one-third of the work,” said mediator Ron Carter. “And Commissioner Bettman is ecstatic because it abolishes all Canadian teams except for one.”

Fans are fed up with Joe Buck for rooting against their favorite porn stars

At this point it is no secret that Joe Buck has accepted $1 million to commentate live porn webcams. It didn’t take long for fans to once again give Buck a hard time.

NCAA chief Emmert praises agency’s new policies

In his annual state of the NCAA address to unviersity presidents and administrators, NCAA president Mark Emmert lauded his organization's effort to enact tough legislation to dramatically improve the collegiate sports landscape. "I am very...

Rooftop owners agree that backs of upscale Jumbotrons as interesting as Cubs baseball

You may not think seagull poop on a Jumbotron can be the focal point of your party,” said Zybachowski. “I tell ya, buddy, you haven’t seen seagull poop on the right Jumbotron.”

Adidas exec still hasn’t had the heart to tell his department that Jordan went...

“I just don’t know if they could handle it,” said Adidas executive Mark Pokitus. “My whole team loved MJ. They thought he would sign with us for sure."

Obituary: Chicago Matadors – Sept. 19, 2003 to April 26, 2012

Over their nine-year run in Chicago, the Matadors made a large mark on the city’s sports landscape. But sadly last week it was announced that the powers that be in the Bulls organization agree with Chet Coppock’s 2009 book: Fat Guys Shouldn't Be Dancin' at Halftime.