As the quarantine drags on, Brad checked in with another friend, this time Len Kasper the (in)comparable TV voice of the Chicago Cubs. It should have been Opening Day today so we wanted to make sure fans get to hear Len’s voice anyway. Listen here!

Len has always been extremely friendly and gracious with us (he even has an old Heckler framed on his office wall! Photo below), just like he is with all fans.

We talked about how he and his family are staying healthy mentally and physically during the quarantine, how he’s keeping in touch with colleagues, the COVID-19 podcast he’s been listening to, how he strives for being agreeable or “not annoying” in his broadcast style (The Heckler once lovingly referred to him as “Vanilla Kasper Krunch”), the heat he’s taken for mentioning “no-hitter” during broadcasts, looking up to legends like Ernie Harwell and Pat Summerall, how his passion for writing and playing music is giving him something to focus on during this downtime, and much more.

Len gives us a special treat at the end that we should all be listening to today. Be sure to follow Len on Twitter if you don’t already. Also, here’s the podcast he’s been listening to: