Friday, October 7, 2022

NCAA gives itself the death penalty for creating environment where Sandusky scandal could occur

NCAA President Mark Emmert handed his organization the feared "death penalty" Monday morning, forcing itself to shut down all operations for four years in light of the Jerry Sandusky Penn State scandal.

MLB owners meet with NCAA to learn how to convince their athletes to play...

“I think what’s best for everybody in this situation is if the owners keep all of the money and the players play for free,” said Yankees’ owner Hal Steinbrenner. “We want baseball to be played this year. The players want that, the fans want that and we want that. We are willing to do whatever it takes as long as it doesn’t involve making less money.”

Big Ben’s arrival causes spike in Dallas area mace sales and self-defense class enrollments

Upon the arrival of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for the Super Bowl, Dallas area women have been arming to the teeth to defend themselves against the two-time accused sexual assaulter. Local bartender Susie ‘Bulldog’...

After watching Jordan doc, Browns trade up to No. 2 pick and grab Sam...

In an unusual turn of events in Thursday night’s NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns selected former professional basketball player Sam Bowie.

Air transferred out of footballs used to further inflate Belichick’s ego

"You may be wondering if we purposefully deflated our balls and the answer is 'Yes'," admitted a smug and unapologetic Belichick. "Sure, we had home field advantage and a better all-around team, but is that ever enough to stick it to your opponent?"

Red Sox recruit Mothra to attack Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes

Controversy is swirling over Terry Francona’s decision to unleash Mothra against Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes in the sixth inning of Wednesday’s game at Fenway Park. While the Red Sox maintain the move was perfectly legal, Yankees officials are in an uproar.

Yankees deal Feliciano to A’s for office supplies

Three months after southpaw Pedro Feliciano’s left rotator cuff surgery, you wouldn’t expect there to be a market for his services. But then, you’d be underestimating the resourcefulness of Billy Beane.