How ironic is it that on the night before Halloween the Killer Klowns from Outer Space would win the 2013 World Series beating the St. Louis Cardinals in six games?

The Killer Klowns are strangely bearded space aliens who look like circus clowns. However, they take the form of professional baseball players and are known for terrorizing Major League Baseball.

It was an easy win for the Klowns. In the first inning, the Klowns proceeded to herd Cardinals players into their dugout using popcorn-shooting ray guns to spray the Redbirds with a substance that wrapped them into cotton candy cocoons.

“After that, it was lights out,” Klowns’ left-fielder Johnny “Blinky” Gomes said. Pitcher John “Pogo” Lackey picked up the win with David “Big Coco” Ortiz named series MVP.