Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Anthony Rizzo pleads with Fauci and Manfred to make the shift illegal due to...

The infield shift has hurt the careers of many big leaguers, particularly those big lefty pull hitters, and some of them are using social distancing to fight back.

Astros and Red Sox swap trash cans to kick off Spring Training

"What a better way to commemorate our last few seasons than to exchange something that’s been so crucial to the success of both our organizations?”

Mookie Betts to pursue bowling instead of joining Dodgers

The Dodgers’ blockbuster trade with the Red Sox for Mookie Betts and David Price has been mixed after Betts announced he would be perusing a new career in bowling.

Breaking: Red Sox infamous bullpen cop stole signs during 2018 World Series

A shocking report today alleges the Boston police officer who guards the Red Sox bullpen stole signs from pitchers and catchers during the team’s 2018 World Series run. The famous cop allegedly had a Go-Pro hidden in his uniform for various games that season.

Mookie Betts retires since no team can afford him

With this off-season shaping up like the last few, many big-name players with expired or about-to-expire fear teams will plead poverty and make them no offers.

Red Sox Nation celebrates title with promise not to talk about beards until NHL...

After a 6-1 game 6 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals gave them their third World Series title since 2004, fans of the Boston Red Sox have promised a grateful nation that they will stop talking about beards until NHL Playoffs begin.

Red Sox players dedicate World Series victory to Bobby Valentine

Although he was only their manager for one season, Red Sox players thought so highly of Bobby Valentine that they dedicated their 2013 World Series title to their former manager.