A shocking report today alleges the Boston police officer who guards the Red Sox bullpen stole signs from pitchers and catchers during the team’s 2018 World Series run. The famous cop allegedly had a Go-Pro hidden in his uniform for various games that season.

The officer, Steve Horgan, retired last year, but not before allegedly helping his team win another championship. Horgan was unavailable for comment when the scandal broke, reportedly vacationing with David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.

Meanwhile, Yankees fans are taking to the streets of New York in an angry mob-like fashion.

“First, it was the schmucks down in Houston screwing us out of a World Series and now we find out the God damn Boston Red Sox of all teams decided to steal our signs too?” said one Yankees fan. “One World Series ring ain’t gonna get you much closer to 27 so forgetaboutit.”

With high hopes for New York heading into the 2020 season, manager Aaron Boone plans to meet with Houston manager A.J. Hinch about “completely unrelated business advice.”