After soccer star Kealia Ohai was traded from the Houston Dash to the Chicago Red Stars earlier this week, fans found some interesting information about Ohai’s fiance.

“Apparently Kealia Ohai’s fiance is a pretty decent football player,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “It must be hard living in Kealia’s shadow.”

While some news outlets might not cover it, Ohai’s fiance does have a name: J.J. Watt. Watt is a defensive end for the Houston Texans, which apparently is a team in the National Football League. Many of Ohai’s fans were sad to learn the NFL is an American football league, as opposed to the much more popular international kind of football.

“It’s a shame that J.J. doesn’t get mentioned by name. He is a hell of an athlete in his own right and doesn’t need to stand on my accomplishments. This is the world we live in and all we can do is hope and fight for change,” Ohai said on an Instagram post.