Thursday, February 22, 2024

Big East to add Hamburger University, Clown College, and the School of Rock

The question remains whether the Big East realizes that these are not actual institutions of higher learning with athletic programs, but their interest in them should be of no surprise – it’s money.

Jets fans shocked to learn Fireman Ed actually a plumber from Connecticut

The Jets are being rocked by another scandal as it's been discovered famous fan "Fireman Ed" Anzalone is not a New York City firefighter as he has long purported. Anzalone is actually a Connecticut-based plumber, devastating news to Jets fans across the country for whom Fireman Ed has been a symbol for more than 20 years.

Man upset ‘UConn women continue to streak’ was not what he thought

On Saturday, John Schultz of Roscoe Village was flipping through the channels and heard a tease on ESPN News that video of the women of the University of Connecticut streaking would be shown at the top of the hour.