After the events that have taken place in the Astros and Red Sox organizations, former big league outfielder, and former Mets manager Carlos Beltran was seen running this morning in full uniform from a crime scene in New York City.

While authorities have not yet revealed what caused the crime scene to be roped off, it is believed that Beltran is a “person of interest.”

Before he could even manage a game for his new team, Beltran was canned for being a threat to the game of baseball.

Authorities have cautioned that Beltran is believed to be armed with a briefcase full of spying equipment and

MLB Commission Rob Manfred said he has instructed authorities “do whatever it takes to finally sweep this scandal under the rug,” even if that means using capital force on Beltran.

Others embroiled in the sign-stealing scandal are also on the lamb, including ousted Astros manager A.J. Hinch who is believed to have shaved his head in the start of what authorities called “going full Heisenberg” referring to the main character on “Breaking Bad” who sells meth when left with no other means in which to support his family.