In a strange twist of fate, NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell received more bad news this week when he learned that Federal Judge Richard M. Berman — the one that just struck down Tom Brady’s suspension — will also preside over Goodell’s appeal. Some are labeling this as Goodell receiving a taste of his own medicine, but the judge took a more subliminal approach to his response.

“I was beside myself when I learned I would be hearing the appeal,” Judge Berman remarked. “And, when I say ‘beside myself,’ I mean that person beside me will have a tough task of either agreeing with his original decision or the person he just ruled against. It’s hard to say which way it will go.”

While Goodell could not be reached for comment, a representative from the NFL restated their disagreement with the decision but noted Goodell had “great admiration for Judge Berman’s unilateral authority.”

Heckler Brian