In the days following the Red Sox historic September collapse, many have speculated that Boston GM Theo Epstein and now-former manager Terry Francona will wind up with the Cubs in 2012. Chicago fans have generally been enthusiastic to the idea, but that’s begun to change now that it was revealed the World Series titles Epstein and Francona won with Boston in 2004 and 2007 are not retroactively transferable to the Cubs.

“That changes everything,” said Peter Lindemann of Rogers Park. “I had just assumed that they’d be able to bring their titles with them and they’d become property of the Cubs.”

Fans’ disappointed by that news can find some solace in the fact that the terrible contracts Epstein recently signed with Carl Crawford and John Lackey for a combined 12 years and $224 million are also not transferable to a new team should Epstein jump ship.

“Well that’s a relief,” said Henry Ontiveros of Roscoe Village. “Theo’s just going to have to start his collection of awful contracts from scratch when he gets here.”