It’s back to the big house for Michael Vick after the Eagles QB violated the terms of his probation by “getting a little too lippy” with reporters in the press conference following Philly’s 24-23 home loss to the 49ers Sunday afternoon.

“Do I really have to explain?” asked Vick when a reporter pushed him to express how he was feeling after the loss. “Do I really have to explain how I’m feeling, sitting here at one and three? Good sir, I would prefer to not answer that question and instead have you rot in hell.”

While Vick’s comments seem tame by most standards, the terms of his probation clearly state that he’s not allowed to become angry or hostile with the media at any point, and that doing so will result in an extended return to prison.

“Michael knows he isn’t allowed to display a negative attitude toward the media even though they’ve always been kind to him,” said Vick’s mentor Tony Dungy. “Unfortunately Michael’s anger during the post-game press conference crossed that line, and now he’s going to have to pay.”

Vick’s return to prison begins later this week and will last 12 months or until the Eagles are required to pull some strings once backup QB Vince Young has a meltdown that prohibits him from taking the field, whichever comes first.