Following the tradition set by the 1984 Baltimore Colts, some members of the 2012 Baltimore Ravens will be heading to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl in the middle of the night via Mayflower trucks. About 20 members of the team have agreed to take the trip led by MLB Ray Lewis and Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano who was just named the Colts new head coach.

“Every team is wearing throwback jerseys nowadays,” head coach John Harbaugh said, “We wanted to try a throwback transportation method.”

Colts owner Jim Irsay has even offered to pay for the Mayflower trucks to honor his late father.

“There would never be a Super Bowl in Indianapolis if the Colts hadn’t left Baltimore to come here back in 1984,” Jim said. “And that’s all due to my father’s midnight move.”

Kicker Billy Cundiff was scheduled to make the trip but at the last minute he missed the truck.

Chicago Vince