Sunday, March 29, 2020

Fox in trade talks with CBS to acquire Romo for Super Bowl

As time ticks down to the big game between San Francisco and Kansas City, behind the scenes negotiations and tempers are heating up between Fox Sports and CBS.

After years of hair restoration, Brian Urlacher now just a big Wookiee

For years, commuting Chicagoans have been greeted by the unwelcoming smile of former Bears linebacker, Brian Urlacher in a series of billboards along the Dan Ryan.

Jimmy Garoppolo hopes Super Bowl berth will help him finally do well with women

Jimmy Garoppolo might be a starting QB in the NFL, but he says it's never been enough to help him with the opposite sex. He's hoping the 49ers' Super Bowl berth will change all that.

Cowboys interested in Odell Beckham after warrant issued for his arrest

After a warrant for Odell Beckham's arrest was issued for battery on an officer in the locker room after the National Championship, the Cowboys have expressed interest in the Browns' star receiver.

Giants fans skeptical Joe Judge is the man to bring franchise back to .500...

New York Giants executives have shown their confidence in new head coach Joe Judge this week after pegging him as the guy who can get the team back to its glory days of 8-8 records.

Harbaugh brothers admit to switching coaching jobs six months ago

After being caught by his mother, John Harbaugh admitted in a press conference that he and his brother, Jim, switched places at the beginning of the season.

Russell Wilson switches to Allstate after loss to Aaron Rodgers

After losing to State Farm spokesperson Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson couldn't stand to support the insurance company, and proceeded to switch over to Allstate.