Patrick Mahomes today was cleared to play in tomorrow’s AFC Championship despite leaving last week’s game with a concussion. Many observers were skeptical a head injury that left the Chiefs QB alarmingly woozy could be bounced back from so quickly but Mahomes proved the naysayers wrong, counting backward from 15 to ‘potato’ at a press conference Saturday.

“I understand a lot of people think I’m rushing back to play in this game even though I’m not healthy,” said Mahomes on a video press conference, “but could an unhealthy person do this?”

Mahomes then stood up and proceeded to count backward:

“Fifteen … fourteen … Constitution … twelve … Nissan Altima … nine … blacktop … seven … Spike Lee … fifty-five … NAFTA … three … Pluto … potato.”

Mahomes ended the press conference making a guarantee of sorts.

“Look, I’m ready to blast off into space and win this game,” said Mahomes. “The Buffalo Wild Wings will be so upset they ever decided to play us without ranch dressing.”

Added Mahomes: “What were those morons from Saturn ever breathing anyway?”