Saturday, June 22, 2024

Mahomes proves he’s fit to play by counting backward from 15 to ‘potato’ at...

"I understand a lot of people think I'm rushing back to play in this game even though I'm not healthy," said Mahomes on a video press conference, "but could an unhealthy person do this?"

God tells athletes they don’t need to pray during sporting events anyway

"I've really got my hands full up here with things like ISIS, climate change, racial unrest and vast crippling poverty around the globe so thanking me for allowing you to score a touchdown, win a NASCAR race or get drafted by the 76ers is just taking my time and attention away from far greater matters that need my full focus."

Andy Reid suddenly considered the healthiest coach in the NFL

After a weekend that saw Texans coach Gary Kubiak leave a game at halftime with a mild stroke, and Broncos coach John Fox take a leave of absence for heart problems, the healthiest and most physically fit coach in the NFL has suddenly become Andy Reid of the Chiefs.

Orton fretting about which jersey he’ll wear in Hall of Fame

Outside the Chiefs media room, Kyle Orton looked distraught as he wondered aloud to his agent David Dunn which jersey he would wear when he gets the nod for Canton.