Outside the Chiefs media room, Kyle Orton looked distraught as he wondered aloud to his agent David Dunn which jersey he would wear when he gets the nod for Canton.

“I feel like I’ve been passed around the league more than a Kardashian,” he said gnawing on a thumbnail. “Which team should I choose?”

Dunn broke into a fake coughing fit to regain his composure. “I’m sure that when the time comes you’ll know what the right decision is.”

Orton nodded his head several times in agreement yet still looked perplexed.

“The Chiefs are good right?” Orton asked in a whisper.

This time Dunn displayed the professionalism agents get paid for. “I think this is the year, Kyle. I’m thinking Super Bowl.”

A rep from the Chiefs poked her head out and said they were ready. Kyle went in and faced the media with a renewed energy. Dunn genuflected and look upward as the doors closed and a new chapter began.