A Very Important Podcast by The Heckler is back! Today’s guest is Brian Chang, a friend of Brad’s who recently wrapped up a seven-game winning streak on Jeopardy! during which he netted $163,904 in prize money. Only about 30 other people have had a streak like that in the history of the show. Listen here!

Brian had plenty of memorable moments during his run, including going viral for trolling guest host Ken Jennings, winning a very rare tie-breaker in what could have been the craziest finish to an episode that you’ll ever see, blanking on what many thought should have been a gimme, and going up against a four-game champion at the end of his run.

In addition to all this, Brian and Brad talk about dealing with social media trolls (of which there are many), Alex Trebek’s passing, behind-the-scenes surprises, the Tournament of Champions, and much more.