Monday, May 25, 2020

Baseball players suffering existential crisis from not being able to spit

As the coronavirus continues to plunge society into a dark hole of hopelessness, loss of purpose and just a smidge of Darwinism, baseball players are also feeling the ramifications of unemployment, made worse as they spiral into bouts of existential crises from not being able to spit.

Survey says Sox fans are more concerned about Kopech’s arm, Hawk’s HOF induction than...

In a stunning survey of 1,200 people who identified as White Sox fans, 55 percent said they are more concerned about pitcher Michael Kopech’s Tommy John surgically repaired arm than they are about contracting coronavirus.

Wellness Check: WGN-TV Morning News Sports Anchor Pat Tomasulo

Today's Wellness Check is with Pat Tomasulo from the WGN Morning News. Listen here!

Korean bat flippers are beginning to bat flip uncontrollably, in the streets and their...

Korean baseball players like to bat flip, this we know, but it appears the bat flip has finally gone too far. Perhaps the greatest bat flipper of all time, Choi Jun-Seok, has now been arrested several times for flipping his bat in public places, such as the middle of an outdoor market, a restaurant and a theater.

Fauci believes Javy Baez could tag out COVID-19 and end the pandemic

As the scientific community rallies to find a cure for COVID-19, the focus has turned to a magician. Not just any magician, but one who goes by the nickname El Mago.

Hotdog-eating American refuses to believe baseball is played in South Korea

Jake Beckers loves America, baseball, hotdogs and not much else.

Video game execs forced to rate MLB the Show 17+ because Javy Baez is...

“We felt we there was just too much sex appeal with Baez on the cover,” said Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan. “We had no choice but to put these parental guidelines in place."