Sunday, April 14, 2024

Dale Sveum shares fond memories of the Cubs’ 101-loss season

“Forget about losing 101 games in 2012. I choose to dwell on the 61 games we won that year,” former Cubs manager Dale Sveum said in an interview with Taylor McGregor of the Marquee Sports Network, as he reflected on his first year as skipper.

Angels’ Maddon removes Kyle Hendricks in first inning of Spring Training game

Forgetting he now dons the uniform of the “Halos,” Maddon hardly reached the first base line when he asked Hendricks to hand over the ball.

Renteria thinks Sox can win 140 Games in 2020

White Sox manager Rick Renteria held court with reporters in Arizona to prognosticate on the 2020 season spewing an optimism not seen in Chicago since Ryan Pace drafted Mitchell Trubisky to be the next Jay Cutler.

Ross attends Clint Hurdle’s ‘Manager’s Cliché College’

Cubs manager David Ross left camp for a day to attend Clint Hurdle’s “Manager’s Cliché College,” a training school for new MLB managers which teaches proper responses to questions from beat reporters and fans.

Giolito’s jersey retirement ceremony to follow shutout over Royals next month

“No White Sox player will ever wear number 27 again,” team GM Rick Hahn told local scribes at a press conference to announce the retirement of the jersey of pitcher Lucas Giolito on March 26, the day of the team's home opener against Kansas City.

Parents seek court permission to change names of kids named after 2017 Astros

With many of the nation’s youth baseball programs now banning the Astros team name hundreds of parents have sought court permission to change first names of children named after Houston players.

Blago renews Cubs season tickets after prison release

Long-time Cubs season ticket holder and disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, in an exclusive interview with ABC7 News reporter Chuck Goudie, said he intends to renew his seats for the 2020 season.