Wednesday, March 29, 2023

StL conspiracy theorists blame Cubs for Cards’ Covid-19 outbreak

Some of the self-proclaimed "best fans in baseball" are convinced there's more than meets the eye behind their favorite team's major Coronavirus outbreak.

Josh Hamilton now addicted to awful comedy routines after Dempster trade

The Rangers created this debacle by sending Hamilton to the airport to welcome the new Ranger. Following a brief ride back from the airport, Hamilton exited the limousine wearing a Nolan Ryan jersey, spewing line after line about "letting pitchers stay in for 150 pitches" and "giving Robin Ventura a beat down."

Con Edison unable to restore power to David Wright and Jason Bay

"We had hoped they'd be able to jump start Jason and David, but Con Edison told us they can only do so much," said Mets GM Sandy Alderson. "I suppose we should be happy we have electricity at our stadium, but I was really hoping to find a way we could get a little more pop out of these guys."

Darvish lands on injured list after stocking up on toilet paper at Costco

The Cubs announced this week that starting pitcher Yu Darvish has landed on the 60-day injured list after leaving self-isolation in the Phoenix area for a trip to the local Costco to stock up on household necessities.

Wellness Check: Stewart McVicar from Club 400

The quarantine continues so it’s time for another Wellness Check. Today’s guest is Stewart McVicar who turned his suburban basement into an epic 2,300 square foot shrine to the Cubs that he’s dubbed Club 400. Listen here!

1945 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Detroit Tigers: What would have been...

The Detroit Tigers defeated the Chicago Cubs in seven games. The Curse of the Billy Goat was placed on the Cubs before the start of Game 4, when Cubs fan Billy Sianis was asked to leave the stadium because his pet goat's odor was offending nearby fans.

Exasperated waiter just wants Manny Machado to pick what he wants to eat already

Not known for his hastiness when it comes to making decisions, superstar and future White Sox (or Yankee, or Phillie, or who the hell knows at this point) Manny Machado has left his waiter working overtime for hours, after still not deciding what he wants to eat for dinner.