With holes to fill in the bullpen and starting rotation, as well as other key positions like back-up catcher and utility infielder, the Cubs will introduce their 2018 15-man roster at this weekend’s annual Cubs Convention.

“I guess we’re a little behind in signing free agents to build a roster of 25 players,” GM Jed Hoyer said. However, Hoyer revealed that the team’s statistics department determined that the club can play with just six position players in each game and still find success in 2018.

“When opposing teams have a mostly right-handed hitting lineup, Anthony Rizzo will cover first base and second base with Heyward playing both center and right fields,” said Hoyer. “Kris Bryant will play third base and shortstop against left-handed hitters.”

Odd man out is Kyle Schwarber, who can’t play in the field against right- or left-handed hitters.

“We’re scouting the Korean and Taiwan leagues now for talent and we might announce the signing of an Italian catcher before the convention finishes on Sunday.

“We’re not too worried,” said Hoyer. “After all, the White Sox have been playing with six position players for the past two years”