When you’re as wacky as Joe Maddon, sometimes you wake up in an impound lot. That’s what happened Friday morning when the Cubs manager’s 1970s “Cousin Eddie” van was towed from outside the Cubs Convention hotel downtown, where it was apparently parked illegally.

“I checked into the hotel before my room was ready this morning and I hadn’t had my normal three gallons of coffee yet so I was dead tied,” said Maddon. “‘Cousin Eddie’ was still parked in front of the valet stand so I laid down in the back for a quick nap.

“Next thing I know, I wake up underneath Wacker Drive and some city employee is barking at me that I owe $300 to get the van out of there.”

Maddon said he tried to play the fame card to get out of the fines but the tow truck driver wasn’t having it.

“I told the guy who I was and he said he it would be $600 to get the van back,” said Maddon. “I guess he was a Sox fan or something.”