Longtime Chicago White Sox broadcaster and the greatest Cubs hater of all time, Hawk Harrelson, has gotten under the skin of North Siders yet again after he called Wrigley Field a “shithole.”

Harrelson, who is known to have a slight Sox bias from time to time, says the top item on his bucket list is to “see that godforsaken glorified bar where baseball just happens to be played, crumble into dust before I do.”

“Why do we want Cubs fans who hang out in the shithole that is Wrigley Field, to be among the rest of us here in Chicago?” lamented Harrelson, while staring wistfully at a Carl Yastrzemski baseball card. “Why don’t we take in more people from St. Louis, the greatest fans in baseball, instead? MERCY!”

Luckily for Cubs fans, Harrelson’s reign as the voice of Chicago’s South Side team will be “ovah” after the 2018 season.

Shingo TaCatsu