Fresh off throwing a no-hitter in Milwaukee Sunday, Cubs pitcher Alec Mills is commending the people of Chicago for maintaining social distancing guidelines and not mobbing him on the street.

“I really have to commend the fans on their restraint,” said Mills who made it a point to walk around the city during Monday’s off day. “I went all around town today and not one person came up to me to commend me for my no-hitter.”

Mills said he thought wearing a mask might make it tough to recognize him so he got one custom made that read “I’m Chicago Cubs pitcher Alec Mills and I threw a no-hitter yesterday” but most fans somehow found a way to keep their distance.

Mills added that one person did approach him.

“Some guy came running up to me all excited and I’m thinking ‘Oh boy. Here we go,'” said Mills. “But it turns out he said I looked a lot like his cousin or something.”

Added Mills: “Then I jokingly said ‘Wow. He must be a really good-looking guy but did he throw a big league no-hitter yesterday?’ and he just shrugged and said his cousin was pretty ordinary-looking and that no one in his family even likes baseball.”