Monday, June 24, 2024

Bears among teams trying to get Belichick’s dog for their front office

Bill Belichick's draft room setup drew attention around the NFL Friday evening, when his dog, Nike, was seen manning (or rather, dogging) the dual-screen laptops prior to the Patriots' first pick in the 2020 draft.

Giants fans skeptical Joe Judge is the man to bring franchise back to .500...

New York Giants executives have shown their confidence in new head coach Joe Judge this week after pegging him as the guy who can get the team back to its glory days of 8-8 records.

Monday Night Football cancelled after Vikings-Giants game

"Popularity in the program has been declining for years, but not being able to flex out of an abysmal matchup of the two worst football teams outside Florida is a franchise-killer," said TV industry analyst Bob Holloway.

0-6 Giants rewarded with Chuck E Cheese party for trying really hard against Bears

For their efforts against the Bears, each Giants player was rewarded with four slices of pizza, two sodas and unlimited tokens.

Manning Brothers to team up with 1985 Chicago Bears for their next musical number

Fresh-off the success of their No. 1 Chart Topper “Football on Your Phone,” Peyton and Eli Manning have decided to work with one of the greatest influences known throughout the Hip Hop Community, the 1985 Chicago Bears.

Eli Manning dons Mets gear at Citi Field, promptly tears ACL, MCL

Eli Manning was honored over the weekend as "Most Valuable Dad" at Citi Field in a Father's Day tribute. The Mets brought in the two-time champion in the hopes he would help generate some...

Charlie Sheen buys Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl ring hoping to find secret cocaine compartment

Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring sold at auction for over $230,000 this week. Even more amazing than the price was the mystery winner, Charlie Sheen.