Fresh-off the success of their No. 1 Chart Topper “Football on Your Phone,” Peyton and Eli Manning have decided to work with one of the greatest influences known throughout the Hip Hop Community, the 1985 Chicago Bears. While other prominent artists such as Jadakiss, Nas and the guy who sang Gangnam Style all wanted to collaborate with the Manning brothers, they yearned to work with the savviest and most proficient musicians they had ever seen, the Chicago Bears.

To quote Peyton Manning;
“Music is our passion and when Eli and I saw we could team up with the bad boys to rule Hip Hop; Fencik, Singeltary and Willie Gault, we knew that we would do whatever it would take to get them into the studio.”
The Manning’s newest single, will be dedicated to the importance of following all of the NFL’s rules and procedures. The title of the song will be
“It don’t hurt a small faction
When it’s a neutral zone infraction”

Eli Manning, following his brothers comments because he’s younger than Peyton added;
“Yo yo yo, peep dis’ homiez. . . Football is a nice hobby, but when you have a pulpit and you can speak about important issues like tucking in your jersey or not wearing your socks too high, we just feel like we really make a difference. Word to ya’ mother”
Peyton remained mostly quiet during his younger brothers comments.
Still, the buzz was in the air that two of the greatest groups in the history of music could finally get together.
Gary Fencik, was thrilled at the offer from the Manning Brothers, however he wasn’t sure if he could find time to collaborate with them as he is currently in studio producing a ballad that shows the tragic flaws in the Tampa 2 Cover defense entitled;
“I ain’t even Trippin’
No Dis-respect to Monte Kiffin”

Another prominent member of the Bears Musical Ensemble, Richard Dent added that while he would also kill to work with the Monsters of the Mix-Way, he had to be in his own studio to finish his fifth album, “If you like it then you should have been a Dent on it.”